Welcome to Storedat!

Welcome to the Storedat API (In Beta)! Here you'll find all the documentation you need to get up and running

What is Storedat?

Storedat is a GraphQL abstraction layer built on top of web3 storage providers like Arweave and Filecoin to be able to provide a seamless and consistent experience when reading and writing via a single api-key driven integration.


Storedat's mission is to provide a better user experience for both web2 and web3 users wanting to take advantage of decentralized storage. We want to make decentralized storage accessible to all so that anyone can use it without having to deal with its complexities. No dealing with wallets, signing transactions, managing private keys, paying transaction costs, and so on. Just plug in and Storedat.

One API. One Integration. Web3 Storage made easy!

Why does Storedat exist?

We exist to accelerate the adoption of decentralized storage by providing a provider agnostic way to read and write with those protocols all the while abstracting away web3 from the user. While we might start with Filecoin and Arweave today, our vision is to expand out and support more storage providers as well in the future. The ultimate goal is to have the Storedat become the goto hub for anyone to plug and play with decentralized storage.

Want to jump right in?

If you're eager to start playing around with the API, check out the getting started guide below 👇

Getting started

Want to deep dive?

Dive a little deeper and start exploring our API reference to get an idea of everything that's possible with the API:

API Reference

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