This page will give you the necessary information needed to use the Storedat API

Endpoint URL

Please use the following endpoint to communicate with the API

Public API Access

The following methods are available to the public for use without the need of an API Key (subject to rate limits)

API Key protected Access

While there is a set of public endpoints available for use as mentioned in the above section, the Storedat API requires that you have the following two headers for the GetData, CreateData and UpdateData methods (also subject to rate limits)



A identifier representing you as a user of the API. This will be provided to you upon signing up for the beta program


Your API Key required to be able to interact with the service. This will be provided to you upon signing up for the beta program

The following should be passed into every request made to GetData and CreateData

    "client-id": "your_client_id",
    "Authorization": "your_api_key"

Failure to do so or providing invalid credentials will lead to an error response from the server

Rate limits

There are rate limits in place on the Glosseta API to ensure fair use and to help avoid malicious attempts to bring down the service. Those rates are as follows:

OperationRate limit


50 calls per minute cumulative of all read oriented operations


10 calls per minute cumulative of all write oriented operations

These rate limits are subject to change but will be reflected in this documentation if a change does occur

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